It's only tape. But we get your excitement. It's not JUST tape to you, is it? It's a tool. A fixer upperer. A friend who helps you keep it together. In its silent simplicity, a strip unfurled is a line drawn against chaos, a barrier to fight against destructive forces. The unsung hero abandoned in the tool box until we must hurry to heal the chaos and disarray - all with a simple flesh-like strip of greatness. 

In the hush of its unravelling, we hear the whispers of this unsung hero in high vis as they once again save our arse in a crisis. 

Thread Tape (1)

Safety Tapes (2)

Reflective Tape (5)

Pipe Repair (1)

Packaging Tape (1)

Foil Tape (4)

Electrical Tape (5)

Duct Tape (2)

Denso Tape (2)

Anti Slip Tape (1)


For the plumbers and fitters out there, our Thread Tape is the champion of leak-proof connections. A true mate when it comes to sealing those threads against water, gas, or oil. No drips, no dramas.


Keep your mates safe on site with our Safety Tapes. Mark out hazards and guide traffic without a fuss. Essential for every job site where safety's a priority.


Our Reflective Tape lights up the night, making sure everything from gear to vehicles is visible in low-light. A real lifesaver for those twilight shifts.


Got a leak? No worries. Our Pipe Repair Tape is your quick fix, offering a solid patch-up for those unexpected surprises. Tough, resistant, and ready to go.


Shipping or storing, our Packaging Tape keeps your goods wrapped tight and right. Strong adhesive that sticks through thick and thin.


For insulation jobs or keeping those signals clear, Foil Tape is your best bet. It's like the Swiss Army knife of tapes – versatile and reliable.


Electrical Tape is a sparky's best friend. Insulate and protect your connections and stay safe from shocks. Flexible and durable for any wiring work.


The legendary Duct Tape fixes nearly anything, mate. A must-have in your toolkit for a quick mend or a strong hold. If it moves and it shouldn't – duct tape.


Fight the rust and corrosion with our Denso Tape. Wrap it around pipes and steelwork to keep the elements at bay. She's a tough guard against the harsh Aussie weather.


Prevent slips and trips with Anti Slip Tape. Perfect for those slick areas, keeping everyone on their feet. Safety's always a step ahead with this one.

At RED SHED, we're proud to support Aussie tradies with top-quality tapes for every task. Each category is packed with reliable, hard-working tape designed for the tough Aussie conditions. Questions? Email [email protected]


What types of tape are best for outdoor use?

For outdoor applications, choose tapes with UV resistance and waterproof properties, such as Duct Tape, Foil Tape, and Denso Tape. These are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.

How do I apply anti slip tape to ensure maximum adherence?

Clean and dry the surface thoroughly before application. Apply the Anti Slip Tape firmly, smoothing out any bubbles. For best results, apply in temperatures above 10°C (50°F) and allow 24 hours for the adhesive to set.

Is there a specific tape to use for electrical insulation?

Yes, Electrical Tape is made for insulating and protecting electrical connections. It's designed to prevent electrical hazards, providing a safe and reliable solution for wiring systems.

What's the best tape for quick pipe repairs?

Pipe Repair Tape is ideal for quick and effective leak sealing. It's designed for emergency repairs, offering a waterproof, pressure-resistant solution that can be applied even on wet surfaces.