30 years non-stop supplying mining and heavy industry with over 15,000 products in-store and now online.

How we help you

We keep your machinery, equipment and projects going by providing timely access to critical supplies, tools, spare parts and products to heavy industry including mining supplies to the mining industry.

Take advantage of our custom service kits, procurement and sourcing, stress-free VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solutions and even liquidation of excess and old parts.

Who we are

We’re a team of mining and heavy industry experts who understand your time is your money and fast access to critical spares is a must.

The company, previously known as Filter and Industrial (CQ Filters), is run by owner Craig Dahlenburg and is supported by ten (10) sales and operations staff.

You can call or email anytime to request advice on our parts, tools and product range and we’ll happily guide you – but don’t ask us to pose for team mug shots for this ‘about us’ page.  No dice there. 

What we’re working on right now…

This online shop you’re on right now has been many months in the making and will continue to grow with new product lines every week. If you can’t see a product you need, email us at [email protected] It may not be online yet or we can source it for you.

If you’re a mining, construction or trade site, our VMI solution (vendor-managed inventory) and procurement solution, TRAKKIT, will be of interest to you… 

It allows us to provide you with instant onsite access to critical heavy industry spares, parts and products 24/7. 

Great for remote industrial sites. All done through genius industrial vending machine technology. Our customers can be guaranteed access to critical items 24/7. 

No more painful stocktakes. No more inventory theft or discrepancies. No more time delays. 

It’s like having a mini red shed onsite. 

Email [email protected] for more.

RED SHED Industrial Supplies®

We understand time is money and fast access to critical spares is a must. Like a good mate, RED SHED will always be here to keep you going.


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Everything you need to keep going. And going.

RED SHED provides you with everything you need to keep all your valuable equipment going. Not just shiny new parts. We provide spot-on custom service kits for heavy machine maintenance, offer a stress-free automated VMI vending machine solution and we can even assist in the liquidation of old stock and parts. When it comes to mining and heavy industrial maintenance, parts and repair, we’ve got you covered.