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ITM Tow Bar Hitch Vice – Is it a Pub Test Winner?

ITM Tow Bar Hitch Vice - Pub Test Review

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As a seasoned professional in the industrial sector if I must exclaim myself, finding tools that combine robust utility and versatility isn't always easy. That's why I was eager to put the ITM 150MM Tow Bar Hitch Vice we've recently stocked at RED SHED to the test. Designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty tasks, this tow hitch vice promised high performance and reliability.

Here’s my experience with this standout tool in various industrial settings.

Features and Build Quality

One of the first things I noticed about the ITM 150MM Tow Bar Hitch Vice was its solid construction. It mounts quickly and easily to any 2" tow hitch, which is a godsend for jobs in remote locations where I need to secure materials directly from my vehicle. It’s also bench mountable with a 148mm jaw opening, offering great flexibility when I’m back at RED SHED.

The jaws themselves are made of extra heavy-duty hardened steel. This was particularly beneficial during a recent job where I needed to secure large, heavy pipes. The integrated anvil also proved invaluable for shaping and beating metal on-site, saving me trips back and forth to the shed.

Specifications and Real-World Application

  • Jaw Width: 150mm
  • Jaw Opening: 120mm
  • Jaw Depth: 127mm
  • Pipe Diameter Capacity: 16 - 90mm
  • Weight: 12.74kg

These specifications translate well into real-world applications. For instance, on a recent project, I had a client who had to work with a variety of pipe sizes. The vice's capacity to handle anything from 16mm to 90mm in diameter made it an essential tool for quickly adjusting and securing different sections as they laid down piping across the site. The client raved about it and ole Craig here got kudos for recommending it.

Win win. 

The 120mm jaw opening and 127mm depth are perfect for holding onto thicker, heavier materials that are typical in industrial construction, like steel beams and large plumbing fixtures.

Usability and Performance

I found that setting up the vice was straightforward, whether attaching it to my tow hitch for fieldwork or mounting it on a bench at RED SHED central. This flexibility is crucial when moving between tasks that require stability and precision. The weight of the vice (12.74kg) is perfectly balanced to offer sturdiness without being overly cumbersome, making it easy to transport as well.

Loads of ticks there.

In terms of performance, the vice does not disappoint. The hardened steel jaws provide a firm, slip-free grip, enhancing both safety and efficiency. I was recently working on a high-pressure job involving metal fabrication. The vice held everything securely in place, allowing me to make precise adjustments and cuts without any movement.

It made this jack of all trades feel like a metal-cutting master.

So I'll tell you what I REALLY think...

Yeah, it's pretty good.  It's actually excellent value for its durable build and versatile features. It’s an indispensable tool for anyone in the construction, plumbing, or any industrial field where heavy-duty and flexible mobile solutions are required. Its ability to adapt quickly from a mobile hitch-mounted vice to a stable bench-mounted unit is a significant advantage in anyone's daily operations.

Whether in the field, worsite or in a workshop, this vice stands ready to tackle any challenge. 

This hard-to-impress man is indeed impressed. Thanks ITM.

Ok. That's it from me. Gotta keep going.

Cheers - Craig 

Email if you want to know more: [email protected]

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