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A Knockout Partnership. Red Shed Champions Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club.

Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club - Gold Sponsorship by RED SHED

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Red Shed Celebrates new Gold Sponsorship of Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club

The team at RED SHED is always looking for ways to bring our motto, "Keeps You Going," to life. This year, we're excited to announce our gold sponsorship of the Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club.

Packing a punch all in the name of community spirit

Just as the Capella Cricket Club's juniors showed us the spirit of perseverance in cricket, the young boxers at Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club are teaching us the same through their jabs and hooks. Each training session, each bout they engage in, is a testament to their undying spirit, courage and communal support. This is what keeping going looks like in action.

Why this not-for-profit organisation deserves everyone's support...

Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club (EBFC), is a not-for-profit organisation based in Emerald, aiming to empower youths from all backgrounds to enhance their personal growth through teamwork, discipline, and fun activities while fostering new friendships. By sponsoring EBFC, we aim to help cultivate an environment where young people can have fun, face challenges, and build lasting friendships. 

If you're an Emerald local, why not send your kids along, or if you're a business owner, there's a sponsorship opportunity waiting for you.

What sponsorship directly contributes to...

Our sponsorship will directly contribute to creating an environment where participants can thrive. The funds will be used to purchase new gym equipment and boxing apparel, and to maintain the gym's facilities. Additionally, the sponsorship will provide financial support for competitions, both locally and interstate, ensuring that our athletes have the opportunity to compete at higher levels.

It will also help in acquiring medical equipment and technical support, essential for the safety and development of the participants. Our contribution will also support resources and development programs for volunteer coaching staff, enhancing their ability to train and mentor the youth effectively. 

Quite the boxer myself in the day...

Reflecting on my own youth, I wasn’t half bad with the gloves. I had a bit of a knack for cricket, and back in the day, you might have even thought I had the chops for Muhammad Ali-style stardom. But as life would have it, my path led me to selling nuts, bolts and the like.

Our commitment

When the opportunity to sponsor the Emerald Boxing and Fitness Club came up, I didn't hesitate. This partnership is more than placing our logo on their gear; it’s about nurturing young potential and embodying our motto in every left hook and uppercut these kids land.

As these young athletes lace up their gloves, they're not just preparing for a match; they're building the foundations of life—courage, discipline, and the pursuit of excellence. Gets this old bloke quite teary, actually.

Keep fighting the good fight, kids!

Cheers, Craig Dahlenburg
E: [email protected]

See Emerald Boxing Website for more information - Emerald Boxing

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